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When first hearing about the launch of Novem & Knight I have to admit I was a little cynical.  With all the recent launches of products from Youtubers and bloggers alike, a clothing range from Sami (Beautycrush) was likely to be a quick way of monetising on her and her boyfriend Jason’s popularity? Wasn’t it? Wrong!

The collection has started small with a few products across men’s, women’s and accessory categories.  The concept is ‘Simple things done well’ and I think they have nailed it.

I did wait for reviews to come out before deciding to order (like I said, I was a little wary!). I had my eye on the Bardot dress for a while which was unfortunately out of stock when I came order so I opted for the Hayden minimal jumper.

Every review I read prior to ordering had mentioned the quality and they were not fibbing.  Whilst the prices are not cheap they are definitely reasonable for the quality and finish. I placed my order on Friday and received it the following Monday, which I have got to say I was really impressed with as I had only paid for standard delivery.

The jumper arrived wrapped in tissue with a branded Novem & Knight sticker which was a really nice touch.


The branding in terms of the label and tag is consistent with the overall feel of the brand – simple and chic.

IMG_4002 (2)

The jumper is really soft with a high quality finish.  Which is important when you consider a wardrobe basic like this will be washed at least weekly!  I can’t wait to style this jumper, it is so versatile and will go with almost anything which seems to be the whole idea of the Novem & Knight collection.

Overall I give Novem & Knight a big thumbs up – it is obvious a lot of work has gone into the concept and production of this brand and its products.  At high street level fashion has been so diluted over the years in the chase for cheap disposable fashion. There are pros and cons to this, it allows consumers to follow trends much more closely and to move with the changing trends much more quickly but it does completely compromise on quality.  Novem & Knight stands out, as it prides its self on the rare artistry, the artistry that lays quietly but boldly behind creating good quality affordable fashion without compromise.

I am looking forward to seeing what else is to come from this label.  If you are in search of some good quality wardrobe basics and then head over to Novem & Knight, you won’t be disappointed.

(Main image featured from official Novem & Knight site)

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  1. You’re welcome 🙂 I have purchased the Bardot and Bardot Deux since writing this and love them! The quality is so good. I’m looking forward to seeing new additions to the label in the future xx

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