All the Christmas feels

Christmas is one of my favourite times of year.  I enjoy the flurry of activity at work as we come to our busiest time, swiftly followed by a relaxing time with friends and family filled with good drink, food and plenty of cheer.

This year I have been less prepared then in previous years (christmas cards have only just been posted, oops!) but none the less I am already submerged in all the traditions that make this time of year to feel festive to me:

1. Christmas movies come at me!

Home Alone 1 and 2, Muppet Christmas Carol, Elf, The Grinch, Santa Claus the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life to name a few, watched preferable while partaking in another christmas activity like tree decorating, wrapping or card writing of course with an obligatory baileys or two!

2. Christmas treats tin

Not a favoured tradition when I was a child but each year on receiving chocolate treats me and my sister and brother had to empty our selection boxes into a shared tin.  Obviously with all the best intentions from my mum of making the treats last longer then the 25th December.  Now in my grand old age its a Christmas moment full of nostalgia each year, much to my husbands dismay!

3. Christmas tree & decorating

This year we replaced our sad dwindling tree with a lovely full 7ft Alpine.  It was slightly painful paying for it but I’m confident it will stand the test of time and is currently bringing its Christmas A game to our living room.

4. Present shopping

By far one of my favourite parts of christmas is picking out gifts for friends & family. Each year I vow to start sooner but life happens, never the less it is always fun to pick out lovely treats for loved ones and maybe one or two for myself along the way 😉

5. Gift wrapping theme (OTT but I love it!)

What’s not to love? Good quality wrapping paper, some co-oridinated ribbon and little Christmas charm and tag to top it off.  I love seeing seeing all the matching presents all piled up ready to distribute on the big day.

6. Goodwill

Whether its a charitable donation or an act of goodwill its always been important for me to give back and not just at Christmas.  This Christmas we have put together care packages to give to rough sleepers in the city.  Easy to do, we picked up some sleeping bags, hygiene items, socks and some high energy snacks.

7. Christmas music

Yes I am that girl that come the 1st Dec my alarm has been changed from the default Apple tone to the warbling of Mariah Carey’s ‘All I want for Christmas’ and asking Alexa to play all the Christmas tunes!

8. Festive food & drink

A big one for everyone but the flavours and smells have everything to do with reminising on Christmases gone by.  It wouldn’t be Christmas without a decent stock of Baileys, Gin and Gluhwein and a Christmas cupboard stocked up with mince pies, nuts, crackers, and crisps.  Once I had moved in with my husband we quickly upgraded our M&S cheese board selection to a cheese box filled with cheeses we have picked out from the cheese counter in Harvey Nichols and/or cheese bought at the Christmas markets as part of our Christmas shopping trips.

For the main event we always keep it traditional with a turkey with all the trimmings, if it ain’t broke why fix it!

9. Parties & Nights out

Starting with the usual fun and festivities of the work Christmas party, Christmas is the time to party and be merry.  Known to indulge in the gin and prosecco there is nothing I like better then dressing up for a night out with friends and catching up together over a glass of prosecco and a night of dancing and laughing.

10. Hot chocolate & mince pies

The hot chocolate is just a winter staple obvs but it’s not Christmas without a mince pie, ain’t that the truth!

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